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Krislov v. Rednour

In the widely cited Krislov v. Rednour, Mr. Krislov successfully attacked Illinois’ ballot petition procedures that had previously prevented non-organization candidates from getting on the ballot.


In re Matter of Grand Jury Subpoena Duces Tecum

725 F.2d 1110 (7th Cir.1984) (establishing invalidity of subpoenas issued by U.S. Attorneys without Grand Jury authorization).


Shaper v. Tracy

97 Ohio App.3d 760 (1994), cert. denied, 116 S. Ct. 274 (1995) and 76 Ohio St. 3d 241, 667 N.E. 2d 368 (1996) (dormant Commerce Clause challenge to discriminatory state income taxation of only foreign-state municipal income).


Veterans Legal Defense Fund v Schwartz

Veterans Legal Defense Fund v. Schwartz, 330 F.3d 937 (7th Cir. 2003) (Veterans’ right to statutory preferential hiring for state job openings).


Brody v. Finch Univ. Chicago Medical School

After trial on the merits, the appellate court affirmed the trial court’s finding that an enforceable contract existed between students and the medical school and that the medical school breached contract; and that the medical school’s conduct implicated consumer protection concerns under Illinois’ Consumer Fraud Act.


Zazove v. Pelikan, Inc.

Zazove v. Pelikan, Inc., 326 Ill.App.3d 798, 761 N.E.2d 256 (1st Dist. 2001) (establishing Illinois jurisdiction over foreign producer of consumer products for consumer claims under stream of commerce concept.)


Ryan v. Gifford (Maxim Corporate Backdating)

In Delaware chancery litigation over option backdating, firm achieved landmark settlement, obtaining over $38 million in cash, repricing and repayments, plus corporate governance that affects both legitimate option grant and exercise practices, with unique transparency provisions to ensure that company’s financial statements will reflect what actually occurs.


Enzenbacher v. Browning Ferris Ind. of Ill.

Settled case involving trespass and nuisance issues related to landfill on behalf of neighbors of the landfill.


Montgomery v. Aetna Plywood

Won a judgment after a 3-week bench trial, and successfully completed a recovery of $7 million cash plus restored 20% ownership of company; doubled the Profit Sharing accounts of the 100 participants whose ESOP [Employee Stock Ownership Plan] had been redeemed out of the 95% ownership of their employer for less than half of fair value.


In re Prudential Securities Ltd. Partnership Sec. Litig.

Our Firm forced the disclosure of the internal “Locke Purnell” investigation report documenting the systemic fraud in Prudential’s “Direct Investment Group”, which led to our launching the “global civil RICO” case, which recovered more than $400 million for investors in all the rest of the 700+ Prudential limited partnerships.

Results: 73 Article(s) Found.


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